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Fun with Fascia

Cost £20 (£15 for Friends Of Dry Water)

Fascia and fascia release work is very much on trend in the yoga world at the moment. For Paula the worlds of fascia, somatics and intuitive movement have been her passion and lived experience for many years.

Fascia what is it and why all the fuss?

Maybe you have never heard of fascia but a bit like coconut water, fascia is going to be big news!!

Fascia is simple and complex, it is literally everywhere in your body. It is sometimes referred to as a web. Much as the world wide web connects everyone the fascial web connects all parts of the body and runs through the entire body “ from your toes to your nose”

It is considered to be the main factor in staying flexible and mobile throughout our life course . Research is indicating that moving the fascia with a variety of movements from gentle rolling to expansive full body stretches has huge benefits in retaining and maintaining a mobile and pain free body.

In this workshop Paula will share with you some of the techniques she has developed and which are informed through years of teaching movement in diverse settings with people of all ages. The workshop will help enhance your yoga practice and or help with general mobility and an overall sense of wellbeing

Paula says

There are some really accessible, easy practices which can help people find an increased sense of mobility and wellness in the body and mind. Often courses and classes can be very expensive and I want to share these techniques and approaches more widely. People are always amazed at how released and relaxed they can feel. My intention is always to enable people to move with greater awareness and ease toward a sense of balance for body and mind.”

Places are limited, so booking is essential. Text your name and the course title to the Booking Hotline 07542 141411 or contact us by email.

You can pay cash or card on the day.

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