Ambling in Amble – Learning on the hoof!

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“It’s so nice here, it’s so clean, it’s the future” Harley

Children, elders, teachers and artists came together to enjoy the delights of “Britain’s Friendliest Port” Amble, and the East Chevington Nature Reserve.

We came to take time, to stop and stare and to remind ourselves of the simple pleasures enjoying shared moments across the generations.

We jumped in puddles, then raced the waves as they crashed over the harbour walls. We saluted the sun, danced like the starlings and made drawings with sea coal and sandstone. We photographed and observed starling murmurations, a marsh harrier and a short eared owl but above all we shared experiences which will enliven and enrich all our futures - celebrating landscapes both personal and physical

Learning in this beautiful place was effortless and ageless…..

An interest in the natural world, in science, in geography….in the how and why of things arose from the children and their older friends as naturally as one step followed the other.

Part of Dry Water’s Intergenerational Programme.

Better Together- Celebrating Life