The People And Practice That Help To Inform 'Big' Reports


The practice of Dry Water Artists Paula Turner and Frances Anderson has contributed to the recent AHRC report 'Understanding the value of arts and culture' by Professor Geoffrey Crossick and Dr Patrycja Kaszynska.

As artist researcher Paula collaborated with Dr Trish Winter of Sunderland University in the writing of A Somatic Ethnography of Grand Gestures Elders Dance Group . The ethnography was one of 70 commissioned projects that fed directly into the AHRC discourse about the cultural value of the arts in Britain. 

Paula has worked with Grand Gestures for the past 4 years and now supports them as artistic director and choreographer of an independent dance collective The Grand Gestures Dance Collective ( GGDC).

Visual artist Frances has continually documented the work of both Grand Gestures and GGDC and her images are used extensively throughout the Ethnographic study which has contributed to the AHRC report.

With “big” reports such as this it is important to remember the many artists and participants who play their part in making culture and creativity relevant.