The Warp And The Weft Of It


Our residency is taking place in the Bandwebermuseum (The Ribbon Museum) in Hattingen, Germany.

Day One was an exploration of the space with fellow artists from across Europe identifying where we might work and what we might do within the spaces

For Dry Water artists Paula and Frances the project is already weaving together many thoughts and experiences from previous workshops and projects. Their new work will combine film, movement and sound.

Dry Water are delighted that their emerging new piece will weave together the thoughts and voices of the people they work with particularly the contribution of people living with dementia.

It is helping us to frame up our ideas for further developing the Dry Water pedagogy which has inclusivity at its heart; pushing toward excellence of provision and practice within the field of participatory arts and ensuring a radical and empathic expression of creativity for ourselves and those we work with.

Arts without boundaries toward togetherness….