An atmosphere of profound equality

Our sessions for people living with early onset dementia have continued to develop and to be a source of new learning for all.

Frances and Paula have gained many insights into what makes for authentic person centred practice.....and guess is about taking time to provide relevant and responsive creative opportunities. It is not and can never be about formulas if we are serious about making a difference that matters to the person and their sense of who they are.

Meticulous observation and sustained feedback with participants, carers and health professionals has led to increased independence and a profound sense of achievement for those who have been involved.

"It's amazing what you can do with a little bit of stuff. I have had a right good time, its brilliant here. I don't feel like I've got dementia"  Participant

" He talks about the sessions with such enthusiasm, he remembers the feeling of being here, of being part of a group and the feeling of enjoyment"  Community Support worker

" Can we do this again?" Participant

"Time does not exist here it evaporates, it is an organic process and so you can get lost in it. The atmosphere is of profound equality, absorption and creative discovery....and not the dread of dementia"  Carer

" We are professionals at this" Participant