Ways to proceed - guidance from Curiosity Cafe


"I like the fact that there weren’t any constraints. You do what you want ... you could do anything"

"It's freedom"

"Seriosity is a pain in the neck"

We wanted to share these words which came at the end of this week's session together. The importance of freedom and choice. We need to pay attention to what someone living with dementia says and to listen.....REALLY LISTEN .....what they say matters and  shapes and guides our practice.

Our practice and our research is to attend to the ways in which we respond not just as artist facilitators but as part of the community that is the Curiosity Cafe.

How to keep ourselves alive and awake to this experiential, direct and honest feedback. It is a gift...the gift of insight.

NB. Seriosity - A noun.The quality or state of being serious, now especially in a pompous or affected way; (excessive) seriousness.