Dementia Friends down under. Distance no barrier to change.

Dry Water and members of Grand Gestures have become honorary members of the Australian based Dementia Friends group, sharing practice and positivity across the globe. 

Beverley Giles set up the organisation shortly after an exchange with Dry Water Arts and said:

"Paula and Frances inspired me. They engage and include people with dementia, as equal participants in all kinds of playful, enjoyable, satisfying and self-affirming activities. They reveal participant’s strengths, talents, interests, values and help to retain abilities, humour and knowledge. I came home with a whole raft of ideas and have since implemented most of them.

Inspired by artists like Paula and Frances and groups like Gateshead based Grand Gestures I decided to use my Creativity and Dementia Workshops to recruit dementia friends. Since April 2016, working in concert with local enthusiasts, we have established three dementia friendly towns and one island. Three more towns are working to that end."

Read about this amazing grassroots initiative here We salute you all.

Beverley Giles is an Independent Care Consultant and Educator, specialising in the art and skill of caring for people affected by dementia.

Better Together......