Reflections on a “perfect day”

Dry Water do not offer one size fits all projects, and this is particularly true of our pioneering work with people living with young or early onset dementia.

Respect for individual interests is at the heart of all we do It is not easy to understand our methodology since creativity can be a messy process with no set outcomes. Paradoxically it requires hours of preparation, resourcing and reflection.

How might we build on interests, how can we ensure that developing research areas are nurtured, how do we include everyone in the planning and development of the project? Our aim is that the group direct and shape the sessions and that we are all open to changes of direction which has a fantastic physical reality when walking!

So much was shared and held both physically and emotionally in today’s session. We propose that this is rooted in our approach which at its heart respects and gives autonomy to people living with dementia. We do not seek to occupy, divert or cover the reality of living with dementia with generic activities nor do we have expectations of outcomes/products. We might suggest or offer but the interest is always in the journey and the process of building community.

The most precious part of today was the being together and appreciation of each other beyond labels.

“It’s magical here”
“I have found friends”
“It’s unbelievable what we have all done”
“I am impressed by the science of it all”
“I love the coffee”
“I I can’t believe how much you have planned”
“So relaxing , no pressure, no being told what to do”
“This is brilliant”

We would also like to thank the sun for shining on us all day and the natural beauty of Northumberland, the place and the people made it truly a perfect day.