Sound Recording of Her Voice

As part of our Woman Made project we created a  soundscape with women voicing other women’s stories. The focus  was on the meaning of favourite pieces of music.

“ It is moving, ..reading someone else’s  precious memories aloud” Judy

“This has been like good therapy as often you sit with people but you never go doing this project you feel as if you can open up more talking about intimate memories with people you have never met because you have made a connection through doing the project “ J. V

“ I feel I want to take up acting now. I enjoyed the process

You can't help but get involved in the words people have shared

This is bringing me out of myself.” Dee

This is so not me but  am pleased that I took part. I really enjoyed it. J . S.

You will be able to hear parts of the soundscape as part of the community exhibition at The Bailiffgate 26th Feb - 30th March