The Art of not knowing

This is a film made over several months in consultation with all participants at Curiosity Cafe.

We were interested in how and if we could capture the atmosphere of the sessions which are characterized by an open acceptance and integration of all who attend. Any documentation will only ever give a limited view particularly as we seek to film in a manner which protects and respects the participants.

We would like to thank all who participated for their honesty and integrity. We acknowledge the ideas and opinions of those who did not wish to have their voices used in this film for helping us to continue to shape and improve our practice.

We are grateful for the insights into the daily realities of living with dementia and for the important issues raised about care and caring. The film is offered with a hope that we can all continue to work toward better understanding, better integration and better  bespoke services.


Curiosity Café began in 2015 and in 2016/17 Dry Water was awarded funding from EngageFMS and Newcastle University’s Institute for Creative Arts Practice, to enable an exchange visit with the Dementia Innovation Hub based at Newcastle University. Part of the Campus for Ageing and Vitality at Newcastle University, the Dementia Innovation Hub is a catalyst for innovation to stimulate the delivery of world-class support for people with dementia and their families, and has partners across the North East. The funding was given in recognition of the work Dry Water have been doing with people living with Dementia and their carers.

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