Want to know what an Integrated/intergenerational dementia positive programme looks like?

This is what a dementia positive programme looks like …….

  • New friendships are forged

  • New experiences are shared.

  • An enlivening and enriching environment that is shaped by the participants curiosity

  • Everyone participates, contributes and shapes the experience equally.

  • Label free….people together deciding ,neither a diagnosis or age determining social interactions and activities

  • Connections across generations are explored,discussed and celebrated.

Curiosity Cafe our dementia positive programme invited children from Marine Park Primary School in South Shields and local Historians Harry McQuillan and Geordie Baxter to join them at the Dry Water Arts Centre in Amble.

We spent time getting to know each other, discussing the places that we call home and comparing and contrasting personal geographies and histories. We found practical ways to make new friends by inventing games and playing together. Play is the highest form of research…..(well according to Albert Einstein it is) and open exploration is what the Dry Water team invest in, helping to dispel negative and limiting attitudes about dementia ,about age and about the nature of memory

As one participant commented this was a “superb” event which was enabling and democratic in every way. Here at Dry Water Arts Centre we invest in making positive experiences and therefore new memories and associations whoever you are….


“I made loads of new friends today, they are very fun and great. I don’t want to go home” Marine Park student

“I met Zahra today a beautiful girl with a lovely smile she is kind and friendly and helpful” Curiosity Cafe participant

“Hope, caring, togetherness, atmosphere, co operation, feeling good, laughing alot and finding out little things” Curiosity Cafe volunteer