Women weaving words.....

Fabulous writing workshop as part of our Heritage Lottery Woman Made Project led by Kate Fox

What a delight to write together and to listen together.

In a short space of time the group created some intriguing and involving poetry and prose, what a talented group.

A little taster here of one participants on going dilemma of feeling more at home in the sea than on dry land……can you guess who it is??!

Out of water she feels the cold

She trips, she drops, she flounders.

Biscuits fly and teacups smash and crumbs spill down her trousers

She dreams of elegance and grace, of things in place and order

But on dry land she flaps about, her feet give way and wander 

Some days she glides and floats along, she feels she’s reached that place,  

But then she glances down in shock ,

There’s yet more dinner down her frock. ..

Are you interested in a regular writing group?

If so let us know and we will do our best to get things going.