Participation, Process and Reflection…


Feedback from Willow Burn Hospice

"It’s like autumn on the wall…it is a bit like us…we haven’t dropped our leaves yet. What I like is the roots and realising how hard the roots were for us to make, a lot of physical effort. But the roots are needed, the work and the effort is needed and without roots trees can’t grow. It has lots of meaning for me and makes me think about Willow Burn. The tree is a metaphor for survival, the roots are like all our personalities and the leaves represent everyone’s contribution…even if we were feeling weak we all did what we could and the many different leaves show this. The tree represents the life cycle, it knits us together, and trees are the symbols of Willow Burn"

"It inspires you to be positive, I wouldn’t have thought of doing anything like this."

"That tree symbolises life, not just here but everywhere, it’s universal. It’s made me think about where tea grows, the hands that picked it and then us drinking tea here at the hospice. There is a sense of connecting to the whole world."

"Well, since you lot came (Dry Water Arts) it has been all go but that is exactly what we want."

"The art work is stunningly effective. I didn’t believe when we were all doing the leaves that it would end up like that"

"From doubt to celebration…it has brought life into the room and fills you with warmth"

"It is like an amazing technicolour dream coat"

"It is so unusual for something so simple to have such impact"

"It is surprising when you look at what people can do when they come together."

So we have come to the end of our project at Willow Burn Hospice. It has been a life affirming journey full of laughter, creativity and thought provoking moments. We have been privileged to work with wonderful people both staff and patients and it ended with a celebration of life which included artwork, film and live music and importantly tea and cake!