Brown banana's and fish and chips - A recipe for community connection?

Curiosity Cafe is underpinned by a philosophy that embraces and invites open discussions, questions and ideas about living with dementia.

More than anything though we like to share experiences where being together is more important than a diagnosis and where people are accepted just as they are.

At the moment we are in the middle of an Intergenerational project with students from Marine Park Primary school. Everyone is immersed in sharing creative processes and conversations, everything from foods we love and hate to discussing Macbeth. It’s amazing what springs forth when we trust and step back from a feeling that we have to direct and control.

Dementia can take a back seat when we can gather together, break bread together and take the time to actually be together. No forcing of agendas, no set plans or repeated questions

I spent time just watching in wonder this week at how effortlessly this group chatted, laughed, listened learned and played. Profound things can happen in small spaces , horizons are broadened by sharing experiences. This experience of a positive label free gathering like this is essential for carer’s too. They get to see their loved one engaged , integrated and involved and importantly are able to be involved in the sessions themselves. They are appreciated for being themselves and not as the carer. There is nothing like a group of curious year 6 children to put you in the moment and get you involved.

In these angst ridden and divisive times we experienced something very special yet totally normal, or as one of the carers commented “ Its magic