Finding Balance - Our Project at Glendale school Wooler

Dry Water Arts utilise creative process to engender ideas and processes about civil society based around






 Our recent project in Glendale School had a strong focus on how creativity can expand our awareness of what learning is ….. learning to learn.

Each class was encouraged to see, feel and think about  creativity as the key ingredient underpinning all disciplines whether that be science, humanities, sport,  or the generic  field of “ Arts”

 “Perhaps it is curiosity — about anything and everything — that made me the writer I am. It has never left me…” Henry Miller


In a world of ever expanding interconnections the ability to think across disciplines , to communicate and to share what we have will be crucial. The economic status of creative and resourceful thinking is expected to become ever more important .

Via the medium of our an interconnected arts practice we shared the concepts of ritual /legacy and making our mark .

 “One Sky One World” was an ongoing theme throughout with an appreciation of ancient technologies and ways of seeing the world combining with more contemporary based technologies, materials and techniques.

 Forces, compression, expansion, gravity ,drag and lift were all considered via physical embodied experiences alongside the making of kites and banners.

Eastern philosophy in the physical forms of yoga and Aikido helped focus children on awareness of their breath their inner world and their relationship to others. Balance was considered from both a philosophical and embodied perspective as well as in the  actual kites and banners  that they created…..

How do we create balance and a sense of equanimity.?

It seems the big question of our times and Dry Water have never shied away from declaring that what we do has important significance for making the sort of world we want to inhabit

How we do anything is the way we do everything!

We look forward to the celebration day at Glendale on 12th July and will be sure to share the beautiful work of the children with you.