Hazel and Martin Shed light upon it!


Our shed is coming along beautifully thanks to so many generous donations combined with plenty of volunteer hours.

This week we want to do a big shout out to Hazel and Martin Dunn for their time in sanding and painting the walls and floor.

The carers group have already been making use of the shed but now it has been painted it feels light , airy and as spacious as the Tardis!

We know it will make a huge difference for people who are in such need of some time for themselves. Hazel and Martin have shed light upon the shed this week Hurrah!!

Many of you will be aware of the growing care crisis for families who live with dementia and the increasing pressures put on carers who often feel overwhelmed by their caring responsibilities and under supported in terms of their needs as carers being met.

The shed is a small but highly effective way we can offer a little time and space. Often it becomes a place of listening and sharing for people who are facing considerable physical and emotional challenges every single day.

Thanks to everyone who has helped us make this wonderful listening space a reality, it reminds us of the beauty of small things when facing huge challenges.