Personal and Precious - How our treasures connect us

As part of our Heritage Lottery Funded Project Woman Made we have been on tour!

A heart warming session was held at the Pegswood Hub in Pegswood near Morpeth.

Members of the Elderflowers group joined forces with Grand Gestures to share their treasured objects and in doing so revealed much about time, rituals and the importance of people and places.

Many of the objects had been hand made and were all the more loved for their individuality and the care someone had taken in the making. A loosely hanging button on a cardigan made “ by my mam” became the focal point of what we treasure and why. We discussed how these items signify something much bigger about our connections and commonality

We talked a great deal about how often in big museums it is show pieces, rarities and often expensive items which are stored and curated . Yet in this session it was the trigger of memory and the conjuring up of people and what they represented that became the treasure storehouse. Each person’s treasure though personal spoke of what it means to live, to love ,to let go and in doing so connected us all .

For where your treasure is there your heart will be also”